Three foolproof ways to win your girlfriend back

There comes a situation in life for everyone, when we think that we have found at last the ‘ONE’ person who is going to be with us in all the moments of our lives.  But alas, a simple misunderstanding, and there goes a lifetime of commitment, or simply some months of a good time with your girlfriend.

Since this can happen to anyone, and as we know, every case may be entirely different, let us look at some of the very common strategies which can work in all cases, irrespective of the problem.

Be the first to wave your white flag

Well, relationships can sometimes be entirely dicey, or just downright unjust to you, emotionally. However, if you want your emotional state to return to normal, and are wondering about how to get your girlfriend back immediately, do not be afraid to take the initial step.

how to get your girlfriend back

Have you heard of the quote – ‘Nothing comes to those who wait’? Hence, make the gesture towards bringing your relationship status on a positive note. There are several ways in which you can begin with, and we have the technology to guide us towards the right path.

For tech-savvy couples, a simple WhatsApp message, or a Facebook update, can help in bridging the gap. However, if you like to be less sentimental in the initial stage, and want to talk about things logically, then try to meet your girlfriend in person, fix up a favorite place, and go in the right frame of mind to hear about the other side too.

Sometimes, a simple argument, when looked from the other side, might take on a whole different meaning. Ensure that you put across your points too, so that such situations can be avoided in future. (Although relationships never are a perfect parabolic graph.)

Go extra miles with sentimental gifts

Who does not love a gift? Gifts are something that attracts everyone, irrespective of their sex, or age or social status. Why not present at her doorstep with a beautiful bunch of flowers? Or, if you feel it is too sentimental for you, send it through flower delivery, with a hearty message to accompany the gift. Girls of all ages will go crazy for this gesture.

Even if you cannot expect them to fall over themselves to reach you, this simple gesture will indicate that ‘you are still very much attracted to her, and would love to continue the relationship’ or that ‘you find her special.’ Flowers (whatever variety), can make an incredibly sentimental gift, anytime, any day.

A cuppa can help dissolve your sorrows, as well as misunderstandings

Well, for those who do not believe in flowers or any gestures, such as sending gifts, the only way is to have a straight talk with her, to get your girlfriend back.

Fix a place for once that is ‘Her’ favorite, and talk to her about the problems that created the misunderstanding in the first place. Accept your mistakes, if any, or understand why she finds it problematic to adjust your way of thinking. Slowly, but steadily, earn her trust, to make it worthwhile. It is, however, also mandatory that you put across your problems, to ensure she comprehends where you find it tough to adjust.

All it takes, therefore, is a little effort on your part, to make the beautiful friendship continue and last for a lifetime.